Now we are going to discuss the pirate attacks.

  1. What is piracy?
  2. Where is this happening?
  3. How is this happening?
  4. What are the things to Consider?
  5. About IMO Agenda.
  6. Recent News About Piracy.
  7. Facts about Piracy.

So, let’s start…

1. what are the Pirate Attacks?

Pirate attacks are the attacks on the sea by some people through boats will attack another big ship. The usual purpose of that kind of person is to steal things from the big ships. Moreover, sea piracy is a crime of opportunity. … Also that, the main reasons for piracy are not exclusive to crimes against ships.


The attacking of pirates to merchant navy ships nowadays become the most threat in the world. By the record In 2011, there were 439 pirate attacks happened and also 45 merchant vessels hijacked. For the sake of ransom around 170 seafarers and 12 ships are under custody of the Somalian pirates.
But the maritime piracy has gone decline since 2010, the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) still finding hundreds of pirate attacks each year.

The main targets of the pirates are the container ship and some times the Ro-Ro vessels. Because the operating speed of these vessels is less. Also, the freeboard.

In addition to this, In 2010, 32 liner vessels were got attacked, and also six were hijacked. In 2011, 65 liner vessels were got attacked and one got hijacked. And in 2012, eight liner vessels have got attacked and one has been hijacked. Nowadays some Somali pirates are using the hijacked vessel to attack another ship.

The procedure of attacking by the pirates is that they will come by skiffs and will start firing the bridges of the vessels. Also, They will use some grenades named rocket-propelled grenades to stop the vessel. Also, to enter on board the vessel. And if they catch the vessel, then they will command for the big ransom payment, or else they will take the vessel or kill the crew.  

2.Where the Pirate Attacks are happening?

Given Below 10 pirate attack areas…

1. Malacca Straits:
This place is located in the Indian Ocean. Also, the Strait of Malacca is a very prominent area of marine piracy. Because the strait is a commercial and major gateway to the Suez Canal, Egypt, and also to Europe. This is the most important Indo-Sino maritime navigation routes. Also, the area is prominent to high occurs of maritime piracy.
2. South China Sea:
 Mostly in the region of Malaysians and Indonesians, the marine pirates in the area of the South China Sea are considered to be the most dangerous pirates in the marine world. If the South China Sea piracy occurs in the Malaysian water region, it will lead to a major worry to the authorities in the country.
3.  Gulf of Aden
: Also, the entrance to the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden is another piracy prominent sea area. This is the region where Gulf forms an important trade route that leads to the Suez Canal. Also, geographically well prominent are of anarchic Somalia.
4.  Gulf of Guinea:
 It is an emerging area of pirate activities, the Gulf of Guinea has a major portion of North-Western Africa and Southern Africa. It is considered an important trade route for crude oil tankers to the continents of Europe and America. This makes a good target for the pirates.
5.  Benin: 
Benin in Africa is another geographic region with marine pirates. Also, the area is considered as one of the high-risk areas for marine shipping. The IMO is trying to take various steps to stop maritime piracy in this affected area.
6.  Nigeria
: It is situated in the Western region of Africa and it is considered at a high risk of pirates activities. Since it is considered a high-risk area, so cargo transport through these areas is very risky. The security forces of the Nigerian country is also not effective, Making the pirates can crawl in easily.
7.  Somalia:
 The major reason for the increased rate in the Somalian region is because of the huge poverty out there. The area is affecting by many factors like poverty, marine wastes accumulation, and pollutions.
8.  Indonesia
Indonesia is also considered the high piracy area in the world. It seems like the pirates in this region mostly attack during the night time but not in the daytime. The pirate attacks in this region considered the major cause of concern to the world.
9. Arabian Sea:
 The Gulf of Oman in the Arabian Sea is the major area targeted by sea pirates. Even so, international organizations and other authorities have not cared much about this area as they have done in other regions like the Gulf of Aden and the Somali coasts.
10.  Indian Ocean
: Nowadays the area of the Indian ocean also being the prey of pirate attacks. The pirates immigrate from the Somalian region and attacking the vessel in the Indian ocean and also from other countries. The Indian Ocean is the major route for the maritime voyage.

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3. How Pirate attacks are happening?

Because the pirate attacks are different in different regions, we cannot predict the way of attacking. But then we can say about the usual way of attack by the experience of some crews. So we can say about the attack that happened in the gulf of guinea.

Gulf of Guinea:

The Pirate attacks in the Gulf of Guinea cause countries in west Africa also worldwide very badly. By the time of 2011, it is considered as a serious matter in world concern. Also, Pirates in the Gulf of Guinea are criminals who have major relations in the criminal groups among them. And they will do many violent things to steal the cargoes. 

Pirate attacks in the region of the Gulf of Guinea have come over the first decade of the century. Sometimes, the major target of the pirate is the smaller ships and materials from the oil companies. Also, any involvement in oil exploration is considered very risky in Nigeria.

Gradually, the pirates became more and more furious and with better weapons. By the time of 2014, the major places of pirate attacks in West Africa are some territorial waters and harbors. But this attacking way is opposed by the naval forces. Pirates in the region are very harmful and dangerous. Because they are considered as the biggest criminal groups and have a wide criminal network.

They are having heavy dangerous weapons and have a wide network. And they will use the hijacked mother vessels to attack the other vessels. But in the case of small and local pirates, they will only focus on the cargoes but not to harm the crew members.

Additionally, pirates Re attacking the form of kidnapping, torturing, and shooting of crewmen. Also, they will kidnap the crew member and command for a huge ransom payment.

4. What are the things to Consider?

1. Should update your self with the Latest Happenings of the High-Risk Areas.
2.  Also take a Review of Ship Security Assessment.
3. Should consider the crew safety and take all Measures for Crew Safety.
4. Also, the ships should have a minimum freeboard greater than 8 meters in height.
5. Should Keep the Ship’s Speed More Than 18 knots.
6. Should Keep Non-Lethal Weapons Ready.
7. Frequently Check Fire Pumps and Engines.
8. Also, Brief Crew and Conduct Drill.
9. Aware of Secure Doors and Hatches.
10. TAke care of Controlled and Restricted Entry.

Watch a short video here shows the protection against piracy.

5. About IMO Agenda.

The IMO agenda started to take care of the threat by piracy and also the robbery against ships since the 1980s. And at the time of the 1990s and the early 2000s, the main focus was on the region the South China Sea, and also the Straits of Malacca and Singapore. And recently, from 2005, IMO has started focusing on piracy off the coast of Somalia. In the regions of Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean, now it will start to improving maritime security.

And the Organization has developed much with the help of the shipping companies and support from other organizations. Also, the organization has implemented many anti-piracy measures. And contributed to the mitigation of the bad impact of the pirate attack. Also, the information about piracy and armed robbery against ships is available in IMO’s Piracy module.


6.Facts about Piracy.

1. Firstly they use modern weapons like guns and grenades.

2.Most of the pirates make money through ransom charges.

3. Also they earn an average of around$120,000 per crew they kidnap.

4. A part from Somalia, pirates are actually an integral part of the community.

5. The calculated annual loss due to pirate attack is around $13 to $16 billion.

6. Also most carrier vessels don’t report pirate attack incidents often.

7. Somali pirates are pulling in big money payments.

8. Sailors should not use traditional weapons, but they have another some ways to defend and fight against pirates


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