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Here we are going to discuss about the recent ship tragedies news in marine world.

1. Recent ship tragedy news of Accident Of M.V Wakashio at Coast of Mauritius.

This is one of the recent ship tragedies news in the maritime world. The vessel was heading towards the coastline of Mauritius to get the wifi signal meanwhile the crew were celebrating the birthday party on the board ship. And it suddenly grounds off on the reef of the island. The ship was grounded off on the reef of the south coast island that near to the place where UNESCO protected. The day of the incident was July 25.

Before the accident, the local authorities have conveyed the messages to not sail to the wrong directions many times. But since they were busy at the birthday party hence could not care about the urgent calls and miss the messages. The accident caused to spill around 1000 tonnes of bunker fuel oil to the Mauritius water area. Thus cause many disasters. Also, the maritime authority of Panama says that they would experience bad weather soon. And end up with a disaster.

2. Recent ship tragedy news of Grounding of Cargo Ship when Watch officer Falls Asleep.

The cargo ship from Vietnam was sailing to Filipino grounded off when the officer who had the watch duty fall asleep. The name of the ship was Globe 6, and it has the displacement of about 4400 DWT. It was sailing from Vietnam to Davao City and grounded off in the middle of Philippine. They got the reason for the misfortune after the first investigation of the Filipino coast guard. They said that the watch officer was sleeping when the accident happens.

The vessel had the cargoes of rice and 25 crew members when it grounded off. Also, there were no injuries, missing and causalities reports till now. Also, this was taken as the second incident that has happened in the Filipino authority. The first was the grounded off of the M.V Wakashio. At that time the coast guard has given the command to inspect the whole vessel to find the possible ways for the oil spill. Also, they checked the underwater to inspect the hull to find the possible ways.

3. Recent ship tragedy news of Collision of Tanker at Shanghai reported 32 crews missing.

This is one of the recent ship tragedies news in the maritime world. The vessel was the Sanchi Tanker which has 136000 tons of oil. The vessel got fire and burning for nearly 1 day after it crashed. The ministry of china acknowledges that 30 Iran and 2 Bangladesh crew members were missing. The ministry announced that “Sanchi is floating and burning”. The rescue crew members were trying to remove the oil slick. The rescue operation was getting late since the area was covering with smoke from the vessel as well as bad weather.

Also, this would consider the big oil spill. Because the vessel had 136000 tonnes of oil and spilt in the ocean. And they were acknowledged at that time the wind was pushing the oil to the shore that has the depth around 50 to 60 meter. The place that happened was 160 knots away from the shanghai coast. For the rescue operation, eight ships from has been sending also south Korea helped with coast guards and helicopters. The vessel was sailing to Daesan in South Korea from Iran. And the crew members were saved by the vessel that was heading to China from the US.

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4. Ship with 11000 Tonnes Overturned after Overloading at the side of the Ship.

This is one of the recent ship tragedies news in the maritime world. The vessel was from Vietnam that was docking at the Vishakapatnam port. And the vessel was overturning to one side when the ship was loading to one side. And there was no injuries and causalities from the reports. At the time when the vessel was overturning, there were 17 crew onboard the ship. The ship was MV Hai Duong 09.

There were no causalities and injuries from the reports of Krishna Babu chairperson of the Vishakapatnam port. Also, he says that they were trying their best to make the vessel stable. The incident occurred due to the wrong loading manner by the crane operator. If they have not stopped the loading at the correct timing, the vessel would have sunk.

5. The oil Spill at the Gulf of Mexico.

The incident was about 185 gallons of oil spilt from the drilling rig at the Gulf of Mexico. The oil spill at the Gulf of Mexico affects the long area of Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and also Alabama. Also, it affects the fisherman badly since the oil spill happens the areas were they fishing for decades. Still, the rescue operations are carrying out to clear the oil slick at the Gulf of Mexico. Also, it affects the lives of many marine organisms such as whales, dolphins, fishes, and marine plants.

And also have a big chance of affecting the birds in that area since they consuming the fishes at that area. And it would consider as one of the major spills in history.

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Conclusion: Here you can get the details of the recent maritime accidents . Comment your opinion of any other maritime accidents that you know.

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