Ship Engine cooling system and Types

Here we are discussing the Ship engine cooling system. The marine diesel engine cooling is taking place by supplying a cold liquid all over the parts of the engine. After this process, the cooling liquid will get much heat. So this liquid should cool with cold seawater supplying around that cooling liquid. if we are not providing sufficient cooling to the engine parts which have a high chance to get hot and will seize soon.

By cooling the parts of the engine will help to get the mechanical power of the engine. For marine diesel engine, the usual coolant we use is freshwater. we will not use the seawater directly because it will lead to corrosion to the parts. Also, some times we use lube oil to cool the parts.

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Ship Engine Fresh Water Cooling System:

It is one of the types of Ship engine cooling system. The freshwater cooling system has two arrangements. One system is using for cooling the engine cylinder jacket, head of the cylinder and the turbo blowers. Also, the other system is using for piston cooling. The cooling water for the cylinder jacket cooling will leave from the engine. Also, it then passes to the cooler that has a seawater cooling arrangement. Then it will move to the jacket water circulating pump. After this, the cycle will repeat again.

There is an arrangement of vents from the engine to the header tanks. It will help to release the air in the system. Also, there will be a heater in the engine. It will help to heat the engine before starting by supplying hot water. Also, for the piston, A separate cooling system is there. It will help to prevent any kind of contamination from the piston cooling glands to the piston cooling system.

Sea Water Cooling System:

It is one of the types of Ship engine cooling system. All cooling liquids that cool the engine will be cooled by the seawater. There will be a separate individual cooling arrangement for lubricating oil, jacket water and piston cooling system. Also, each system of liquids will cool by the seawater. Also, modern ships are using a central cooling system. The central cooling system has one large seawater circulating system. The central cooling system cools the fresh water and then supply to the coolers. There will be seawater circulating pump at the suction port. And the seawater will circulate through the lubricating oil cooler, jacket water cooler and also the piston water cooler. Also, the seawater is using for cooling the charge air.

In the central cooling system, there is a seawater supply arrangement with high and low suction at both sides of the machinery space, strainers and also pumps. This seawater will supply to the central cooling system. After that only it will discharge to the sea. There is a low-temperature circuit and a high-temperature circuit. The freshwater of the high-temperature circuit supply to the main engine. And after cooling, it will use to heat the evaporator.

Also, the low-temperature circuit will use to supply the main engine air cooler, lube oil cooler and heat exchangers. There will be a regulating valve is using to prevent the mixing of these liquids. Also, we can regulate the quantity of seawater circulated by using the pumps with correct control equipment.

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Conclusion: Hope you got the idea about the cooling system for the main engine. Comment your doubts and opinion as well below.

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